This is a standard ARWS mandatory gear list. Items marked with red X are not mandatory for this race.
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  • - Gear Box
    We will provide you with 3units re-supply boxes per team (approx 100 liter per box). Only box supplied by the organizers may be used, teams can't use their own re-supply boxes. Gear Box will be available at transition areas on route. You will always get your 1 box together. More info on these areas will be in the race book. Maximum weight of the one box is 50 kg.
    - Ropes Gear
    We will add climbing gear once we decide on the climbing/roping sections.
    - Bike Box
    The teams will have to bring their own bike boxes for safer and easier transfer during the race. ARWS standard box size is 140 cm x 80 cm x 30 cm. ​Please DO NOT bring bigger boxes. We advise you not to use cardboard boxes or if you do try to waterproof them as best as you can. ​You can store addition gear in the bike boxes but maximum total weight can't be over 25 kg
    - Paddle Gear
    If you have your own paddles or wet suits you will have to have a bag for them and we will transport it for you to the beginning of paddle stages. Only things allowed in paddle bags are things related to water activities - no food, water, extra clothes...